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Real people telling it like it is.


- tv campaign

Space Shuttle Trainer Exhibit

Swedish Cancer Institute  

- The Rant :30 TV

World Champion Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman goes off on cancer.


It’s an outdoor version of the claw game, but with fast, low flying helicopters as the claw and Christmas trees as the prize.

- The Window


- Real people, real PC's.

We produced a series of these films over the course of a year and shot nearly 200 people.  Unscripted without any casting.

PAC 12 NETWORKS - OSU FOOTBALL   Mike Riley Feature Story

The winningest coach in Oregon State University history and probably the most liked coach in the nation. He makes you want to root for him and his teams.

SMOKED BY WINDOWS PHONE ​ - Tryin' to cheat?

This video is from stage two of the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign which we authored and has become a viral hit from the CES show and it's gone on to see many iterations and become one of the most successful online campaigns for Microsoft in 2012 and ever.

Over 100 million views online for the campaign in it's entirety.


Music+Technology - Trimpin brings us inside the instrument.

SPACE NEEDLE  - It's Your Turn 

The fiftieth year anniversary for the iconic Space Needle in Seattle had them sending someone into space.

GO DADDY  - Good Buzz 

Don't let your ideas die! Take them online! Go Daddy can help build a home for any ideas online.

BING! ​ - Hidden Gems

Enjoying a trip all starts with planning. Microsoft products help you find and decide on where to go and what to do when you get there.


From stage three of the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign which focused on single challengers and specific smartphone tasks.

HTC ​ - Dash 3G

A launch video for mobile phone manufacturer HTC on their latest model of the time to focus on the lifestyles of the customers.

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